How Parental Coaching Can Develop the Necessary Sports Patience

It’s that time of year again, if you and your kids are involved in sports then you have been down this road. I have been coaching my kids tennis on the side for a year now, and I think I need more discipline than the kids.
It is not unusual for parents of athletes to have no, or to lose, patience when it comes to dealing with kids sports performances. Parents cannot understand why their child does not have more success. Having patience with youth in sports is a lot like “keeping it in perspective” a common phrase associated with youth sports. Similar because parents and coaches have it until their own child is involved.

Most parents display patience and perspective with other people’s kids, but with their own children, patience and perspective are lost or non-existent. Subsequently, they display this loss with often-regrettable words or actions. “I can’t believe you did that” or “You are embarrassing me” are parental statements that speak of their loss of patience. Kicking the dirt, rolling the eyes, looking away and ignoring their child are often completed parental actions, when kids do not perform up to their parents’ expectations. Unfortunately, it only takes one or two of these inappropriate words or displays to shape a child’s future in sports. Often, unbeknownst to adults, these negative incidents start to decrease children’s desire to play sports.

Obviously, everyone has different levels of patience but it something that parents can improve upon with the proper sports perspective. Having the best sport perspective can help parents to develop and display the necessary patience so that kids have the positive sporting experience they deserve.

A good, positive youth sports perspective begins with the following understandings:

1. Sport skill proficiency is difficult and gets more difficult as an athlete moves up the sports ladder.

2. Just because a sport skill appears easy, especially on TV, does not mean it is easy.

3. Just because the parent were good at something does not automatically make their child good at it.

4. Players, who choose not to practice, are usually not having fun playing that sport. The lack of fun could be because
a) they are not having success 
b) coaches and/or parents do not know how to make practice fun 
c) they just are not into it for reasons beyond a parent’s control

5. Pushing kids to practice more usually kills any chance that they will like the sport more down the line. Suggesting they practice and helping them understand that good results only come with practice is OK and necessary, though.

6. Players will not automatically be able to do something just because you tell them to or just because you point out what they are doing wrong. Their muscle memory must change through fundamental repetition.

7. Using words that describe the action is better than indicting a player them self. For example, “Your timing is off”–is better than saying, “You will never be any good if you keep doing it that way.”

8. Negative actions and facial expressions are as detrimental as words.

9. People, who display patience when working with kids, generally develop patient athletes who understand it takes time to be successful.

10. Expectations should be reasonable. Watching for and pointing out gradual signs of athletic improvement, even when results are not there, displays the patience that pays off in the end.

11. Long-range goals are better than short-range goals.

Many of these are common sense points that most parents feel like they adhere too. As mentioned, the problem is that most parents do not realize that their demeanor, words and actions change when dealing with their own kids in sports. It takes a lot of will power to change or to adhere to these suggestions.

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“Playing major league baseball – sweet; helping kids – sweeter.”
Jack Perconte helps kids and their parents through the challenging world of youth sports. He shares his playing, coaching and parenting experiences in his books, The Making of a Hitter and Raising an Athlete: How to Instill Confidence, Build Skills and Inspire a Love of Sport. Learn more at

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Tennis and Kids

Choosing a sport for a lifetime!


Parents are always looking for a good sport for their child and more and more parents are starting to turn tennis as the perfect sport for their child.  The benefits of tennis go far beyond simply learning good sportsmanship skills, it also goes deep into learning good skills in terms of eye coordination and even hand eye coordination just to mention a few.

Deciding if tennis is the right sport for your child is sometimes easy and at other times a bit more complicated, but you should always take a cue from your child as you make the final decision. The first step should be deciding if your child enjoys playing with large groups of people such as with football or soccer or if they prefer to play solo sports.

While tennis is more of a solo sport while he/she is competing against one opponent if playing singles or playing with a partner against two opponents, rather than an entire field like many team sports involves.  Your child should be relatively coordinated.  Tennis is said to be the most difficult sport due to the fact that you must hit a moving ball with your racquet.

Unlike, golf where the ball is stationary when you make contact with it.  Many children enjoy the challenge of being able to hit the moving ball while running on the tennis court.  Some take this as the perfect time to get started really improving their skills and technique in order to protect themselves from the ball.    You should also look at the benefits that tennis can provide.  It is a great form of exercise that allows your child to move around the tennis court a very great deal thus providing them with plenty of exercise.  At the same time, it is also possible to practice improved hand eye coordination, teamwork skills and even learn how to make quick decisions as a split second.  A child who has issues making a decision is generally not cut out for tennis, however a child that is able to just jump in and make a fast decision will generally do very well at tennis.

Another benefit of tennis is the ability to have your child practice on their own.  While many sports need a partner to interact with or numerous other people in order to actually practice, you can practice your tennis strokes  by hitting on a solid wall.  A tennis ball and racquet can allow your child to easily practice almost anywhere, even at your home.  This allows your child to have the time to practice that they need which can be a huge help if you are looking for the best sport possible that will not potentially damage your property.

For parents who are looking for a competition sport tennis, makes a wonderful choice. You can choose just how many or how few competitions you are comfortable with your child participating in and ultimately they can even play in a local tournament or as a team leader if they are skilled enough when they get older.  This can allow you to consider that tennis is a great sport because it has a serious future ahead that is very much possible for virtually anyone to learn.
It is also a great sport for a lifetime, which can be enjoyed for years to come!

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See our galleries for details. Raising Big Smiling Tennis Kids: A Complete Roadmap For Every Parent And Coach” title=”Tennis and Kids”

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What Do I Do With All My Wedding Photos?


When a couple gets married, most people take a ton of pictures. You’ll want photos of everything – the people, the newlyweds, their parents, the dressed up dog in the tuxedo, everything. The question is, what exactly are they for and what are you supposed to do with them all? You could do several things with them, once you’ve gotten them all back from the your wedding photographer that you hired to take them. You can put them in a scrapbook, or add them to an album or a set of albums. You can have the really good ones printed up into cards or onto canvas prints for your home, or even something as large scale as a wall mural made from a collage of photos. Anything you do with your wedding photos to display them is a good thing.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful thing. All you need is some glue or tape to paste stuff in your books, pretty sheets of durable paper and maybe some cool stickers and labels for your pages. Then you put them in whatever order you like, whether it be chronological or by photograph type. For example, you would put all the dinner photos together, and all the photos of the actual wedding party together, et cetera. If you aren’t crafty or making a scrapbook doesn’t appeal to you, you could simply put them together in a set of matching albums. This is a good way to keep them all together and at hand for someone that wants to see them.

If you are interested in keeping your wedding photos on a large scale or perhaps interested in distribution, then you might get some canvas prints from them. Canvas prints are prints of the pictures that are printed onto the same kind of canvas that paintings are done on, and they are a great way to display the pictures that your Philadelphia wedding photographer took on the best day of your life. You can use different websites to do this, and you can order all kinds of things with your wedding pictures on it – coffee mugs, greeting cards and calendars, even blown up acrylic versions of your photo to hang along with your canvas prints.

If you are interested in a long term project, take all of your photos that you get from your wedding photographer and make them into a collage . This is where you take your pictures and combine them all together on the same wall. You can have a nice border if you like, and you can use any of the pictures that you like. A great way to start is to get a larger print of the couple and place it in the middle of the wall that you’d like to start your collage on. Then place different parts of the wedding around it in a circle – perhaps you could group the bachelor party pictures and tie them to the pictures of the best man giving the speech. Either way, this is a wonderful way to display the photos, bluntly arranged on the walls for the whole world to see.

Whatever wedding photographer you choose to use, ask them what they would do with their pictures in your case. They might be able to give you some ideas and be able to point you in a direction that you would have ordinarily thought of to use your photos. There are so many things that you could do that you might already know, but if you needed some help it wouldn’t be a big deal to ask some one. If you don’t want to display your precious memories, you can get an album and if you don’t want them to collect dust, then you can put them out for the world to see. There are a million ideas for photos that are so easy anyone can do them.

Author: David Landes

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David Landes specializes in internet marketing – turning your website from a static online brochure to a successful lead generation tool.

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Affordable Family Vacations

Happy Summer from Time in a Treasure!

Looking for affordable family vacations that will not break the bank or cause a protest from the young ones? This is easy to accomplish if you follow these tips.

Find Things Close To Home

Many people look into affordable family vacations without seeing what is close by. Often times you do not need to go very far to feel that you have left behind your ordinary life. Find a place in your state that you have not been to and center your vacation around that. This will save the time and money of flying or driving far. It can also be really fun to find places close by where you can return year after year for family fun and escape.

Choose Lodging Carefully

When looking at where to stay look beyond the cost. Find somewhere that is central to the areas you will be going to, has reasonable food options, and activities for the kids. One of the greatest money saver can be a place with a swimming pool for kids who like to swim. They can swim for hours, with the benefits of being free and burning off restless energy. Some also have basketball courts, free movies, or accessible walking trails. Another option to consider is choosing a hotel designed for business men, where there is a kitchen and larger common areas, such as a regular sized dining table.

Go As A Group

Have friends who are also on the search for affordable family vacations? Go as a group. A great way to do this is to rent a condo or house and agree on who will pay for what This option works best if you know the friends or family that you will be going with, since there is nothing worse than being stuck on vacation in an uncomfortable situation. The benefit to taking this approach is that you may be able to afford to go somewhere that otherwise would not have been an option because of cost.

Look For Packages

Affordable family vacations are often easier to plan with package deals. You can find packages for things like transportation and local attractions. If you will be going to a big city where there are many museums and landmarks, it is worth looking into a deal where one price is paid for admission to a group of them. Some package deals have to be purchased in advance and are limited by an expiration date, so be sure to double check if this is the case before heading out.

Go To See Family

Maybe you have parents or siblings in another state. Even if you have thought of this as an affordable family vacation, you may have vetoed the idea due to it not sounding fun. This does not have to be the case. Instead of focusing your vacation around being with extended family, you can focus on the trip there and back, and only stay for a couple of days. Just let the family members know that you will be in the area and would like to visit for a day or two. Then you can plan for a slow trip out and back, where you can stop at some fun sites along the way.

These are examples of affordable family vacations that exist. There is no reason that affordable has to mean boring, instead it can be just as fun and exciting as an expensive trip.

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Treasuring your Mementos

Happy Memorial Day!
School is officially out and summer will soon be here.

What does Memorial Day mean to you? I would love to hear.
Many people see it as a day to spend with loved ones,
a picnic or a special outing.
When I think of memorial day, I think of all the loved ones that are gone, and a great time for family traditions.
Such as a favorite recipe, or special picnic spot, kids remember such good memories.

My favorite word for the month – Nostalgia:
A sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.
Oh I believe everyone experiences that during the holidays, and at any time for many reasons.

This is one of my reasons for creating my new category –
A Treasured Memento. All them special items your want to hang onto from that special time. A award, a family document, a essay, maybe a special song. I wanted to give people a way to cherish these and their special photos to into one keepsake collage. What kind of mementos do you have stashed away? Everyone has at least one.

My son Jackson wrote  this essay in third grade on the one year anniversary of 911. September 11, 2002. His essay earned him acclaim in the local newspaper along with other students. Something about this essay really hit home.
Yes it was a wonderful essay for a third grade boy.
But it also made me realize how grateful I am to have accomplished what I put my dreams and hard work into.
I hung onto that essay for nine years. And now I’m looking for that perfect spot on the wall to hang my new essay.
I won’t need to dig it up anymore.

Happy Memorial Day

Betty Osborn

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A Mother’s Prayer

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

Mother’s Day always brings back special memories for me, and my late mother Jackie. My mother devoted her life to her kids, husband, and her church. Prayer was a big part of her life, and she had a great love for sewing and quilting. She could make a complete wedding dress, or just a simple ocassion dress.
I always envied her skill.
She always told me to have patience, and god will find a way to make my life complete. Funny how in today’s time, people forget that so easy.
Jackie especially loved the famous wedding ring quilt, I believe she started one – but her life was cut short several years ago and never finished it.
So I finished it for her, and I added a special prayer too.
A Mother’s prayer is part of the All in the Family series.
The background is quite colorful, and would work great for grandmother’s too.

The power of prayer, I believe that it works.

So here’s one for you mom.

Happy Mother’s Day

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How to Agree on a Graduation Party Guest List and Graduation Invitations

Here are some great tips for Mom, Dad and the Graduate!

A graduation party is a wonderful event for you and your child. It is a time to celebrate not only their graduation, but their passage into “adulthood” and the continuation of their education if they will be moving onto college or further studies.

Graduate & Charm Party InvitationBefore you order graduation party invitations, sit down with your graduate and agree on who to invite to the party. They will have a list of “must invite” friends and you can supply a list of adults to invite. If you send holiday cards, start with that mailing list. Cross off people you decide not to invite and combine the rest with your graduate’s list. Make sure you have included family and extended relatives too. Don’t forget neighbors, teachers, coaches, co-workers (graduates and yours) and other friends of the family.

If there are people you are not inviting to the party because of distance, it’s too hard for them to travel, or you have people you realize would love to know about your child’s graduation but you don’t know them well enough to invite them to the party, you may want to put them on a separate list and mail them a graduation announcement instead of a graduation party invitation. Also, once you have your final mailing list, make sure you keep it handy to make sending thank you notes much easier.

Coordinate the party date with important people such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, the graduate’s best friends (and yours), restaurant, caterer, photographer, etc. before you settle on the date and time. Make sure the graduate’s best friends and their girlfriend/boyfriend have not scheduled a party for the same day.  Also make sure your graduate gets that party date off from his job!

You may want to consider sending “Save the Date” cards well in advance of your party date (eight weeks or more) so guests can mark their calenders. The end of the school year fills up fast with other graduates’ parties, summer vacations, weddings, so the earlier you can let guests know your plans, the better turnout you will have. For out-of-town guests, you might include names and phone numbers or websites of local hotels and attractions in your area. Remember that your graduate will be busy going to their friends parties and will probably be too busy to spend a lot of time visiting outside of their party time. Don’t schedule yourself too thin, you might be invited to those parties too!

College Grad Keg Party InvitationTypically, your graduate will have talked about his upcoming party with their friends, in person and by cell phone, facebook, twitter and other social media sites.  They will coordinate amongst themselves who is having a party and when, and create their own party schedule so as to not miss any of their friends graduation parties. You may decide to have your graduate pass out invitations at school, but if possible, it is better to mail them so  people aren’t forgotten and important adults will be sure to receive the invite. Address the graduation party invitation envelopes to include who is invited such as “The Smith Family” (which would invite all members of the Smith family); “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Jason Smith” (the Smith Family’s graduate); or if you are only inviting the adults, to “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.” If you are inviting the parents of your graduate’s friends, be sure their names are on the invitation envelope so they will know they are invited as well as their graduate.

When our son graduated from high school, we mailed graduation party invitations to everyone and then created what he described as “The Ultimate Pocket Invitation” for him to hand out at school and during the graduation practice and ceremony.  We worried that we’d have hundreds of kids show up, but we ended up with a wonderful, manageable crowd with several groups arriving and departing at different times, eating a few appetizers, grabbing a bottle of water, then leaving to go to the next party on their list. The adults enjoyed meeting and mingling with a steady flow of our son’s friends and it was fun for everyone.

(ArticlesBase SC #3791053)

Graduation is a special time for the whole family, and don’t forget to start planning your graduation collage at before spring, so you can have a nice centerpiece for your memories table! See Graffiti Graduates below,

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Great Graffiti

Great Graffiti makes a great gift for any occasion – for your special graduate or sports team, or family member.
It’s interesting to find out who likes graffiti. When I first started my graffiti series, I aimed at teenagers. Come to find out many adults like them too.
And the fun thing about my graffiti, is I have four backgrounds to choose from. Graduates love the graffiti, but sports works great also.

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Family history and you

When I first started this business, I had no idea how much family history would change me. Just putting together my own history has been very educational and most inspiring.
I find it is a very important thing to preserve for my children.
I wanted to offer something for famalies, men, women and military.

  • My quilt backgrounds are very popular for larger groups of family members
  • I find my women in history most stunning too.
  • For military I offer the vintage flag background, and a special tell your own military section, where families can have me create their special story to tell.
  • See my galleries and examples section to view all the history samples.

These are wonderful ways to cherish your loved ones.

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For the love of kids

You can’t have a collage service without the most precious part of life – Kids!
When I started making my kids collages – I wanted to offer something fun, unique, and for several age levels.

  • Baby Quilting Blocks – is a wonderful way to cherish that innocent start on life. Unique Size.
  • Ice Cream Ages – Kids love ice cream and they always have their favorite flavor.
  • Cookie Mountain – Unique size and a great way to celebrate several years together.
  • Bubbles, and Ribbons – Something for that special child.
  • Birthday Story – This is a fun way to celebrate your special birthday and season.

Every family has a different story to tell -make yours special.
You can check it all out –

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