Tradition in your Hometown

5612_1146856404346_1615627076_385958_3549006_nTraditionthe handing down of statements, beliefs,
customs,  from generation to generation,
especially by word of mouth or by practice: 
a story that has
comedown to us 
by popular tradition.


Well summer is coming to an end fast. School starts next week, and the time has arrived again for our annual Columbus Days.
I come from a small town much smaller than my present home of Columbus, and I have always been a big believer in hometown traditions.
You are invited to “Collages in the Park” with Time in a Treasure at 2014 Columbus Days in Downtown Frankfort Square.
Saturday, August 16 from 9-5 and Sunday, August 17 from 11-3.

Come together to Discover the Food, The Fun and The Music.  And there is much to discover! This is one event me and my family have enjoyed for years, and this will be my fourth year of showcasing my collages in Frankfort Square and meeting people.

I will have showcasing  my new collage ideas, prints and canvas wraps with some great promotions. New this year, I know offer gift certificates and Porcelain Ornaments!

This event has become a great
Tradition for Time in a Treasure, and for the community as well.
There are many wonderful events in addition to the market place in the square, the annual United Way Duck Derby, BBQ Classic, the Bands, the Performaces, and the Frankfurter Races.  And all the wonderful displays in Frankfort Square as well.
There is fun for the young and old alike.

One thing I believe in is supporting your hometown,
now matter how big or small.

Show up, invest in your community, and you’ll find the
rewards will be overwhelming.
Because after all, it’s YOUR hometown.

Happy Columbus Days
Betty Osborn


For more info on Columbus Days :

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