Finally Fall is here!

Happy fall to everyone. It’s a wonderful time of year, the weather is perfect as the trees get ready to turn their beautiful colors.
Now is a good time to get a jump start on planning your special gifts before the holiday rush takes over.
October brings a early around the corner rush of the holidays, and before you know it the long lines and  planning that perfect gift awaits you.

Planning a custom collage in advance will offer many benefits. This will give you time to include your families ideas, and develop a well balanced design that includes everyone.
The worry will be behind you , and you can enjoy your holidays with that  gift done and tucked away. And what a special gift you will have for that loved one, when the time arrives.
A custom collage is a great way to cherish your favorite memories and share them with the family.
It will be the best conversation piece that you
will ever hang on the wall!

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If you ever have questions or need advice on your collage please feel free to call me. I want your custom collage experience to be an enjoyable one  for you and your family.

Happy Autumn!

Betty Osborn
Time in a Treasure

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