A New Year – New Ideas!


Happy New Year from Time in a Treasure!

2012 was an eventful year for me not only for my business, but my family as well. I sent my oldest son off to collage and worked thru a year’s worth of milestones. A big adjustment for everyone and very exciting as well. As he picked his mother’s alma-mater. Good old UNK (formerly Kearney State).  A proud moment for me as I stand on campus in front of the Memorial Bell Towers. Brought back many memories for me. And history is alive and well at UNK. A walk thru the updated university campus was very inspirational.

This fall I had a chance to work with some new Family History thru my collages.  My first chance to work with historians – it was an awesome experience. The historians broke me in well. Wow!
Each collage tells a history lesson of it’s own. A wonderful keepsake for my customers, and something to cherish for years to come.

Now that the holiday bliss is over, we can concentrate on our new resolutions, and a whole new year ahead of us.
My new year actually starts with my Christmas show in December. I present my new ideas and collages, and then I keep showcasing them into the new year.  After an exciting year of anniversaries, and family history, I decided to add custom porcelain ornaments as well. The ornaments fit in well with my christmas shows, and I can’t wait to offer them to bridal and anniversary  parties as well. They are porcelain, and they can put their personal information on the back side.
Wonderful for anytime of the year. I will be offering a sweetheart package deal combo of a collage and ornaments this winter to kick off Valentine’s day.



And I can’t forget to mention how exciting spring was with the Anniversaries and Weddings. 50th Anniversaries were most popular year. I was amazed at how many!
What a fun way to celebrate as famalies look back on those special memories.


I was very blessed in 2012, and I am looking forward to a eventful year in 2013. Thank you to everyone’s support as I embark on such a rewarding adventure.
Feel free to contact me at any time  thru my contacts page on my website. http://www.timeinatreasure.com
Happy New Year!
Betty Osborn

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