Doubles vs. Singles, oh that Stereotype

The Lighter Side of Tennis……..
by Betty Osborn

Every year the same question comes up. “I sure hope the coach does not make me play doubles” says my teenage son.
Singles is so much better.
At one time in my life, when I was young and foolish, I would have agreed. But now that my tennis game has come full circle, I know better.

Everybody wants  to try to excel at singles, sure, but what young people don’t know is doubles is so much more rewarding.
How did I come to this conclusion? – was it because I had to age and slow down, or am I late in finding out the golden rule?
A little of both. Four people on a tennis court makes for a very exciting and rewarding experience.
It’s true – more people want to watch singles than doubles. And if you watch a grand slam on TV, it is rare to find that doubles match without being there in person.

Today I was at a Tennis Tournament and I watched four 18-year-old boys play an outstanding doubles match. It was exciting just to watch.
I wish my teenage son would have been there, I could have proved my point. Maybe.
For years I loved to play singles, then one day I was fortunate to find a doubles partner, who was a singles player like me. Together, we realized one thing.
Four people on a tennis court makes for a very exciting and rewarding experience. What do I mean?
singles is a lonely game, nobody to back you up, nobody to share the court with, and twice as much ground to cover with narrower lines. No socialization, no teamwork, just you.
If you are talented  enough to survive that is wonderful, but if you go down fast, it can be hard on the ego, and your body as well.
Both are exciting games, but doubles takes more thinking power in the long run. Sometimes it reminds me of a reality chess game, always planning the next move.
Too bad more young people don’t want to play it.

What do you think- doubles or singles?
Would love to hear your story.

Happy rest of summer.

Betty Osborn
Time in a Treasure
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