Treasuring your Mementos

Happy Memorial Day!
School is officially out and summer will soon be here.

What does Memorial Day mean to you? I would love to hear.
Many people see it as a day to spend with loved ones,
a picnic or a special outing.
When I think of memorial day, I think of all the loved ones that are gone, and a great time for family traditions.
Such as a favorite recipe, or special picnic spot, kids remember such good memories.

My favorite word for the month – Nostalgia:
A sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.
Oh I believe everyone experiences that during the holidays, and at any time for many reasons.

This is one of my reasons for creating my new category –
A Treasured Memento. All them special items your want to hang onto from that special time. A award, a family document, a essay, maybe a special song. I wanted to give people a way to cherish these and their special photos to into one keepsake collage. What kind of mementos do you have stashed away? Everyone has at least one.

My son Jackson wrote  this essay in third grade on the one year anniversary of 911. September 11, 2002. His essay earned him acclaim in the local newspaper along with other students. Something about this essay really hit home.
Yes it was a wonderful essay for a third grade boy.
But it also made me realize how grateful I am to have accomplished what I put my dreams and hard work into.
I hung onto that essay for nine years. And now I’m looking for that perfect spot on the wall to hang my new essay.
I won’t need to dig it up anymore.

Happy Memorial Day

Betty Osborn

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